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Dear Machine-Dealer,

According to the decision of the Coordinating Authority of Agriculture and Rural Development Operational Programme (ARDOP) we have to complete the „Catalogue of Agricultural Machinery 2005” till 1st of September this year with your assistance.

The aim of this catalogue is to further the adequate evaluation of ARDOP tender dossiers, and to serve as a basis for applicants, machine-dealers and the evaluation committee in case of a new tender.
In accordance with the resolution of the Coordinating Authority only the machines included in this catalogue can be supported in the future by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development or the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency, whether it is a national or an EU co-financed measure. Preparations of these programmes are in progress.
That\'s why it is very important that your machines can be found in the catalogue. By this means the evaluation of your customers’ applications becomes simpler and immediate.
The Coordinating Authority have met the expenses of completing the catalogue, thus it doesn’t cost anything to you. So also for your own interest we would ask you to cooperate with us in accomplishing the new catalogue within this extreme short time.

Honlapkészítés: Gigahertz Hungary Kft.