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Research topic summaries of 2005

Research topic summaries of 2005 can be found at our webiste.Topics were divided to two parts: topics related to department of Mechanization of PlantProduction and topics related to department of Mechanization of Animal Husbandry and Fodder ProcessingDetailed description and summaries can be found under "Current Researches" menu.

Topic titles:

Department of Mechanization of Animal Husbandry and Fodder Processing:

- Fundamental principles for working out natural ventilation of cow barns
- Establishing of keeping technological up-to-dating on cattle barns according to priciples of animal's protection
- Modernization of technology of grain drying
- Comparison of copmposting processes
- Crunching of grain kernels with Murska grinder
- Experimenting on biogas production in HIEA
- Changing the rheological features of foil tubes applied in agriculture depending on temperature.

Department of Mechanization of Plant Production:

- Experimental method for estimating the successfulness of young farmers’ subsidy project
- Role of customers’ demands and environment in priorities of development among young farmers
- Mathematical simulation of the mechanical interaction between grape harvester and trellis
- Experiments with chemical-saving technical solutions for to reduction of loss at spraying
- New methods of fruit tree spraying. Hungarian agricultural engineering.
- Inspection of sprayers in Hungary
- The economic investigation of the mechanization of field vegetable production technology
- Machinery development alternatives in agriculture based on farmers cooperation
- Alternative soil management for sandy vineyards
- Examples for bioenergetic co-operation in middle-Europe
- Is Hungary the source of bioenergy for Europe?

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