NARIC Institute of Agricultural Engineering


Our institute has been being the basic institute of the Agricultural Technical Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for decades.
Our institute has spread its connections in the field of scientific cooperation with agricultural character with universities - first of all with the Szent Istvan University and its different faculties, University of Debrecen, West-Hungarian and Veszprém University - with their departments of agriculture or dealing with agriculture, as well as with different agricultural stations belong to Hungarian Academy of Sciences, institute and agricultural research institutes belong to the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development, and with different companies, Ltd's., corporations. Common research work is one of the forms of mutual cooperation, research consortium, mutual work with guest researchers and teachers, consulting candidates and final students, laboratory serving, instruments borrowing, exchanging of the research results, library information and publications.
Our institute is the co-ordinator of a research work that holds up number of domestic institutions. Title of this projct is "Market-oriented development of technologies of the sustainable agricultural production". This research work is subsidized by the National Research Programme in the frame of the Szechenyi Plan.
Important field of connection on specialties is the improving cooperation with domestic agricultural manufacturers, developing controlling and testing of machines. One part of them has been created by common projects. During the past years among 48 domestic agricultural manufacturers the strongest cooperation was created with KÜHNE, Szolnok, Bagod, OMIKRON, Sokoro. as well as with OPTIGEP..
Our institute has strong connection with the participants on the Hungarian agricultural machines market. A great number of machine tests are carried out for machine dealers by contract to give correct information to sellers and buyers.
Results of tests and examinations can be used well in the marketing. On requirement of the dealers our institute makes certificates of quality. During the machine investment support for specific backgrounds our institute created more than 900 connections with domestic agricultural machine dealers. As a result of this work the third edition of the agricultural machine catalogue was compiled. Our institute has connections with farmers, as well as with small family farms or cooperative farms and integrators, among others with KITE., IKR. For 130 years history our institute has thought that it is important to help the farmers by giving information about new machinery results, offering new technologies and investment constructions, showing the possibilities and solutions for new machine purchasing to them.
Experimental fields which are necessary for machine and technology tests as well as the research are supported by agricultural contractors and enterprise cooperating together with our institute. Machine exploitations data collecting and elaboration is carried out together with three farms - Szekesfehervar Aranybulla Corporation, Komarom Agricultural Corporation and Szekszard Agricultural Corporation. The Association of Agricultural Machines Contractors and the Association of the Hungarian Machinery Rings also have successful cooperation with our institute. 
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Name: Phone: E-mail:
AERO-THERM Kft. +36 42 310 381
Ag-Bag Hungária Kft. 06 20 922-6607
Agro napló 06-72-517-191
Agroinform Kiadó 06 1 220 8331
Agromilk Kft. 06-22-397-187
Alcsired Kft. 06-56-420-895
Axiál Kft. 06 79 525-400
Ádám és Társa Kft. 06 52 416-046
Állattenyésztési és Takarmányozási Kutatóintézet 06-23-319-133
ÁT Kft 06-28-515-540
BARTIFARM Kft. 06 79 578-612
Becker Hungária Kft. 06 34 479-286
BIOLÁNG Kft. +36 56 210 537;
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem, ÉTK, Fizika-Automatika Tanszék 06-1-372 6205;
Dairy Dáv Kft. 06-52-310-931;
Dairy Service Kft. 06-28-385-760;
Dél-Dunántúli Kooperációs Kutatási Központ +36 72 501 559;
DeLaval Kft 06-23-510-820;
FARMGÉP Fejlesztő és Gépgyártó Kft +36 52 458-754;
Gödöllői Tangazdaság Rt. 06 28 438-121;
GREENERGY Kft. +36 1 224 0980;
Hangyafutura Rt. +36 1 260 5842;
Holstein Genetika Kft. 06-1-302-8223;
Holstein-fríz Tenyésztők Egyesülete 06-1-412-5050;
IKR Rt. 34/569-000;
INTERAT Rt. +36 22 350-045;
Kemira-GrowHow Kft. 06 1 336-2114;
KITE Mezőgazdasági Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Rt. 06 54 480-401;
Magyar Biomassza Társaság +36 99 357 480;
Magyar Tejgazdasági Kísérleti Intézet Kft 06-96-215-711;
Mc Hale Hungária Kft. 06 56 527-130;
Mezőgazdasági és Vidékfejlesztési Hivatal 06-1-374-3603
Milk Center Kft. 06-1-302-3041;
NYME MÉK Agrárműszaki, Élelmiszeripari és Környezettechnikai Intézet 06 96 566-635;
NYME Mezőgazdaság- és Élelmiszertudományi Kar 06 96 566-600;
Nyugat-magyarországi Egyetem, Erdőmérnöki Kar, Energetika Tanszék +36 99 357 480;
PENDA Mezőgazdasági Gépkereskedelmi Kft. 06 1 415-2140;
QUALITEST LAB. Kft. +36 25 582 765
SZALKATÁVHŐ Kft. +36 44 500 039;

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