NAIK Mezőgazdasági Gépesítési Intézet


No 17/2004

The Agricultural Engineering Board of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences which supervises the development ofthis branch organises annually a conference at Gödöllő, which is the central place of the Hungarian agriculturalscientific activity.During the sessions, research scientist, developing engineers, experts of institutions engaged in agriculturalengineering development strong in numbers the organizer, the hungarian universities and other higher grades ofeducation, the research institutions: Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering at Gödöllő, Faculty of MechanicalEngineering of the St. István University at Gödöllő and foreign guests give account of their results obtained in theresearch work and development of agricultural machinery.This yearly English-Language publication the “Hungarian Agricultural Engineering”, started at 1988, containsselected papers presented at the conference of 2004. We do hope that this publication will be found interesting to a bigpart of agricultural engineers.
ABSTRACT OF SELECTED PAPERS: Field research for investigation of tillage-induced co2 loss ; Plant-perceiving spraying machine in orchards ; Environment friendly application, tests of drifting influenced by weather conditions and procedure ; Comparison test of powershift and continuously variable transmissions; Influence of the front axle suspension to the tractor traction characteristics; Force-based atomization theories for spray nozzles; Similarity theory of structured agricultural fluids; Plant protection in line with consumer and environmental protection; Mechanical features of agricultural packaging foils; Improving germination and water addition parameters of seeds with electromagnetic treatment; Heat treatment of the mixed fodder; On issues of food – safety of milk handling by microwave; Possibilities of reducing emissional environmental load in pig housing; Examinations of false heartwood forming in beech tree by means of computer-tomograph; Summer climatic parameters in modern free box stable; New results in the field of radiofrequency identification; Analization of the possibilities of basic material supply of wood-based power; Plants with using forestry informatical database; Component analysis of particles of residues originating from cnc milling machines correlation with the milling parameters; The physical characteristics of hemp seed; Dynamic surface firmness measurement of high precision; Determination of the rolling radii in the interaction of a pneumatic tyre and deformable soil; Texture properties of horticultural produces; Why is the mechanisation of hungarian small and medium size farms so difficult?; Correlation between the agrophysical characteristics and structurehardness on the wheat kernels; Controlling of energetic wind measurement (calibration of cup anemometers); Determination of the number and the places of sugar-beet receiving repositories
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