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In 1867 a modern state organisation, the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy was formed. The ink was still wet on the compromise that the Hungarians concluded with the Habsburgs, when the predecessor of the HIAE was established. What explained this hurry? The agro market and the united food policy of the state association started a remarkable agricultural increase, that was unrealizable without high-standard mechanization. Reliable information was needed to operate the machines economically. From it’s foundation, besides the qualification tests the Institute also does field and laboratory testing to determine the use-value of the machines and expedient researches that are needed to understand the relations. The technical staff of the HIAE is refining from it’s foundation and can be defined with the work that uses the latest methods with the newest equipment and that is important and useful in experience, but done with the accuracy of researches that conjugates with a comprehensive thinking in the field of technologies. This character can also be seen in all of the reports that can be found in the collection of the Institute library that is nearly 150 years old.
The „recipe” is still the same: giving useful information to researchers and producers too. We hope that every piece of our new book series also fulfills this requirement.

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