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Agricultural Technology (Mezőgazdasági Technika)

he owner of the Agricultural Technology is the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). The responsible editor is the Agricultural Institute of MARD and the editorial office is run by the Machine Qualification Utility Partnership of the AI.
The 132 year old Agricultural Institute of MARD is the only institute in Hungary that does agricultural research and development. The Machine Qualification Utility Partnership of the AI is responsible for the proper qualification of agricultural machines in Hungary. The directors of studies of the two institutes, who are internationally acknowledged professionals are also the co-operators of our publication. This outstanding professional background ensures the up-to-date information and the specific evaluation of the technical innovations.

The aim of the publication supported by the MARD is to help the technical information flow in the innovational processes of the agricultural province: between the research and development, the production, the commerce and the end users. With special emphasis on:
- the representation of the results of the newest researches and technical developments of the Hungarian scientific workshops
- the representation of the results of the newest machine tests
- the exhibition of the high-technology constructions and machine improvements
- giving information about the international events of the speciality
- giving evaluative summaries of the internal and external machine exhibitions
- evaluation of the machines that are available in the Hungarian market and publishing the results of the machine tests
- representing the available machines and the activities of the integrators and dealers
- giving information to wageworkers, machine operating partnerships, agricultural producers and farmers

The Agricultural Technology periodical publication is edited monthly (until the 20th day of every month), usually with 48 printed pages and 4500 copies, according to the project plan approved by the MARD in 2002. After remarkable events (Agro+Mashexpo, Farmer Expo, International Farmers Day Bábolna) we publish expanded issues (60-64 pages) and increased number of copies (6000-6500).
The publication has direct or indirect connection (through the Hungarian agencies) with all of the companies that are in connection with agricultural machine production in Europe. Our editorial office regularly gets invitations from the organizers to the events and determinant machine exhibitions across Europe of the leading companies like CNH, John Deere, AGCO, Claas, SDF, Kverneland, ARGO, Krone, Pöttinger. This positively helps us to get fresh information of the development tendencies and new constructions.
The colleagues and specialists of the above mentioned companies know and acknowledge our publication.
The Hungarian relations of the publication, according to the information system composed in the project plan, covers a wide range of the institutes working in agro-technical research and development, the machine manufacturers, the integrators, the dealers, the agricultural producers and farmers. On the front page of the publication, all five significant economic fields representative can be seen besides the logos of our sponsors.
Our audience embraces the whole agricultural technical society, from the university lecturers to mechanics.

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