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Green Book

The serial called the „Agricultural Machinery Studies” had it’s 40th anniversary in 2001. It contains mainly the basic researches and the agro-technological researches. It is printed with English summaries and captions in about two folds size. It is worthily very popular and can be used very well in the research and educational practise.

Climatic para. in cow barns and possibilities to influence them

In the years past, there has been a change in the technology on the majority of big dairy farms – they have changed over from the confined animal keeping to the free barn housing. However, the closure of the barns designed by the needs of caretakers have abode as a property of building. At the same time, the presence and work of caretakers for a longer period is not necessary in a free stall building. Therefore, the barns of free housing can be adapted to the climatic needs of animals only.

Rheological research of plastic wrapping films and cover films

In order to describe the mechanical response of clingfilms and to perform strength calculations it is necessary to know the material equation of the chosen clingfilm, namely the mathematical connection which describes the relations among mechanical tensions and specific elongations.Polymers, that are the materials of the clingfilms, show such kind of response that is typical of non-Newton fluids. Rheology deals with this kind of flow characteristics.I our study we have analysed linear visco-elastic rheological models in order to carry-out strength calculations, using up measuring results, applying of finite element method.

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