NARIC Institute of Agricultural Engineering


Laboratory of animal husbandry technologies

For the development of the technical background of animal husbandry, the research of the renewal of the technology, the launching of the results of the internal and external researches, in the beginning of the 1970’s small animal keeping, hog husbandry, milking technological and a fermentation laboratory was set up in our Institute. The primary aim of the researchers was the field and laboratory examination of the animal husbandry equipments and technologies and to collocate the technical and quality requirements that promote the machine build-up and operation. A laboratory that is certified to the international articles is under construction. With this laboratory it will be possible to make the field tests that are needed for authorized permissions of animal-farms, beyond the testing for the custom made machine development tests and it’s results and statements are accepted by the EU member states. The development that is already materialized: building moderinzation, fermentation laboratory, hatcher laboratory, milking machine laboratory and the equipment for the determination of the climate of the animal husbandry.
Owner of laboratory:
Honlapkészítés: Gigahertz Hungary Kft.