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Fodder examining laboratory

Examining room
The unit that is united with the drying-technological laboratory is divided to two parts.
In the so called preparatory the fodder is in sample bags or bigger portions, tagged according to the standards, waits for the further examinations (cleaning, drying, mixing, pelleting, etc.) because of it’s contamination. According to these, the tasks of the preparatory room for handling the eyed-, fibrous- and mass fodder is listed below:
- receiving the transported samples
- sorting and preparing the transported samples
- pre-examination or contaminated test of the transported samples
- the storage of the prepared or pre-examined samples

The samples that were in the preparatory enter the examination room for factual testing. The following tests can be done here, depending on what kind of plant or what part or crop of a plant the fodder is:
- sampling and composition analysis, according to standards MSz ISO 6498 and 6962:2001
- defining the amount and weight of the different fractions, according to standards MSz 05-83.7921:1979 and MGISz 00-00-01-76
- dry solids content measurement, according to standard MSz ISO 6496:2001
- volume mass and density measurement, according to standard MSz 15474-80
- purity degree and broken-grain ratio measurement, according to standard MSz 6354-2:1983
- thousand grain weight measurement, according to standard MGISz 00-00-01-76
- grain-size distribution and chips distribution measurement, according to standard MSz 15474-80
- chaff-, fibre- and chip distribution measurement, according to standard MSz 15474-.80
- main component characteristics analysis, according to standard MSz 6830:1984
- mechanical and abrasion properties measurement, according to standards MSz EN ISO 527-1 and FVMMISz 39-71-3-1-01, using Kahl method
- beyond the measurement of the condition of the air in the laboratory and the measurement of the temperature of the samples, we do the partial operations (grinding, mixing, drying, bolting and other) that belong to the tests with our own equipment and devices (Fritsch Pulverisette 14 and QC-124 grinding machines, Fritsch 18.002 and Analystette 3 PRO sieve bolters, Linn LHT-UM 100 drying cabinets, Foss Tecator Infratec 1275 main component express analyser, Q-tester granulate abrasion-testing machine, Lődige M5 mixing machine, etc.)
Owner of laboratory: Zoltán Bellus

Preparatory room
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