NARIC Institute of Agricultural Engineering


Mechanical tests laboratory

The Lloyd TA500 (left) and the DyMaTest (right) material testing
With the special material testing machines of the laboratory, phisical characteristics of vegetables, fruits, foods, textile, etc. materials can be measured. The static and quasi-static measurements can be made by a Lloyd TA500 type material testing machine with a range of 500N. With this device the volumetry of paprika-, tomato-, etc. sized, difformed bodies can be done. The DyMaTest PMT2003 type machine is for develop dynamic loads. With this it is possible to develop repeating load with +/-15N maximum amplitude of power, up to 200 Hz frequency. The stock of the instruments are complemented with hand-operated penetrometer, solid material content measuring device and different types of laboratory and factory balances with different ranges.
Owner of laboratory:
Honlapkészítés: Gigahertz Hungary Kft.