NARIC Institute of Agricultural Engineering


Conditioning technics laboratory

Heraeus Vötsch VLK02/500 climatic chamber
We have started to build the Conditioning technics laboratory of the HIAE in 2002 around the existed Heraeus Vötsch VLK02/500 type climatic chamber. The laboratory takes place in the laboratory corridor of the main building, in the 8th laboratory room.
The laboratory has all the necessary equipment for the standard measurements of soil and crop density.

Main characteristics of the climatic chamber:
- size of the climatized space: width: 750 mm
height: 765 mm
depth: 880 mm
- temperature range: -20…100°C
- moisture range: 10..95%rh
Owner of laboratory:

Labor MIM LP 321/3 box drying machine

OAKTON electronic exiccator

breathe intensity examining device
Honlapkészítés: Gigahertz Hungary Kft.