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The drying machine laboratory

Laboratory drying simulation
The configuration of the laboratory drying simulation

The laboratory drying machine is designed to simulate the drying processes of different crops. The laboratory drying machine was made by HEVESGÉP Kft. based on our design.
Different crops and fibers can be dryed with the equipment, pre-setting the different parameters and drying systems that are used in practise.

Main drying technological characteristics:
- dryed layer thickness
- dryed medium speed
- dryed medium temperature
- dryed medium relative humidity

Based on the requirements of the research objective, these characteristics can be adjusted within a wide range. The adjusted speed of the air flow is measured by an orifice pressure gauge system and controlled through a frequency changer. The drying machine effects controlled drying, the required drying temperature can be set. The water loss during the drying process is measured by a built-in balance with 4 measuring points, with gravimetric method. The temperature and air handling characteristics are measured by an AHLBORN type measuring and data collection system. The equipment can dry maximum 4 x 20 cm and 10 x 10 cm thick material layer and can simulate similar drying processes (figure 3. and 4.).
In connection with the drying process, we have made different laboratory drying technological measurements with different types at different maturation levels (MV-MARA, MV-277, NORMA, OCCITAN Kontroll, Pioneer PR-34) and measured their drying technological characteristics. Furthermore we have also measured the physical characteristics (humidity, volume mass, density, thousand grain weight, crumbling force before- and after drying) of the hand-harvested and combine-harvested wet crops.
We determined the characteristics of the drying process, the changing of the humidity in function of time (dw/dt) and the permanent changing between the beginning and final state at the laboratory dryer. Figure 5. shows the drying diagram of maize.

Factual analysis
- we have elaborated a testing method for the laboratory drying machine
- we determined the drying technological characteristics of the multi-layer aggregation
- we determined the technological and physical characteristics of the drying processes
- we analyzed the drying procedure

It can be established that the drying characteristics of the different types of maizes are very different and that is crucial information for the future improving of the varieties and for the constructional improvement of the dryers.
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Drying simulation controlling unit

Drying diagram of maize
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