NARIC Institute of Agricultural Engineering


Power machine laboratory – block-testing room

PTO brake-testing of a tractor engine in the laboratory
Power machine tests are done at two different places. Engine characteristics and hydraulic elevating output parameters are measured in the power machine laboratory, but traction and implement measurements are done during field tests.

Examination of power machines are done in the power machine test laboratory, according to the specifications of the OECD CODE I. Examinations also contain PTO brake-testing of power machines with built-in engines with different outputs. Besides the engine testing, the determination of the characteristics of the hydraulic systems and the elevation ability measurements of the 3-point hitches are also done by the measuring system of the laboratory.
The appropriate circumstances of the measurements are assured by the exhaust gas outlet system and by the sound-insulated cabin.
Owner of laboratory: László Kovács

SCHENK W-400 type fixed eddy-current braking stand

PIERBURG PLU-116H type lab. fuel consumption measuring device
Honlapkészítés: Gigahertz Hungary Kft.