NARIC Institute of Agricultural Engineering


Energetic examination laboratory

Laboratory measuring circuit
For the development the agricultural energy management, the researches of the renewable energy sources, the introducing of the Hungarian and foreign research results and because of the crisis of the fossil energy at the end of the 70’s an independent research unit was formed inside the Institute. The main goal and task was the examination of the renewable energy carriers and their utilizing apparatus and to compose the technical and quality requests that help their utilization.
Nowadays, as a member of the European Union the formulated expectations and developments of this field give us a more and more significant task to fulfil. Three engineers and a technician work in the laboratory:

Pál Pecznik – scientific engineer, leader of the laboratory
Péter Körmendi – scientific engineer
Péter Tóvári – institute engineer, leader of the quality management
János Tar – examining specialist

The activity of the Enegetic Examination Laboratory of the HIAE can be divided into two parts:
- examination and classification of biomass furnaces
o furnace power measurements
o emission measurements
 smoke gas emission measurements
 solid emission measurements
- examination of bio combustibles and bio fuels
o examination of chemical, physical, firing technological and mechanical properties

The laboratory is operating according to the MSZ EN ISO / IEC 17025 : 2001 standard and the attestation of the National Accredit Authority is under process. That will let our measurement results to be accepted inside the European Union.

Examination and classification of biomass furnaces

The measuring circuit of the laboratory allows doing the firing technological and environmental measurments on furnaces with a maximum capacity of 50 kW. In case of bigger furnaces we do the measurements at the place of installations.
Gas emission measurement:
Our measuring gauge is able to measure and consantly analyse the precise amounts of the concentration in smoke gases that come from burning of solid, liquid or gaseous combustibles. The system can collect and process the measured data, it is a dismountable, portable instrument system.

Solid emission measurement:
Besides the smoke gas emission, the solid emission or dust concentration is also a very important load of the environment. Our portable measuring equipment operates isokinetically, that means the speed of the sampling equals the speed of the smoke gas flowing in the chimney, assuring the accurate and proportional sampling.

Examination of bio combustibles and bio fuels:
- size and physical characteristics examination
- humidity determination
- mechanical measurements
- dust and chip content determination
- combustion heat and fuel efficiency determination
- volatile matter and ash content measurements
- composition examinations
- ash content measurements
Owner of laboratory:

AO 2000 type continuous emission measuring system

KS-404 type automatic isokinetic koniogravimeter or dustmeter
Honlapkészítés: Gigahertz Hungary Kft.