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A dynamometer vehicle for testing off-road vehicles, tractors

The dynamometer vehicles used in the test institutes for testing off-road vehicles and mainly agricultural tractors are usually made for moving on asphalt or concrete roads and they are not able to brake on the field or terrain. But the value in use tests of agricultural tractors and other off-road vehicles have to be made on field. These demands led the Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering (MGI) to develop a new dynamometer vehicle. Thus, the goal of our development was to create such a dynamometer vehicle that can be used on field to determine the traction characteristics of agricultural tractors and other off-road vehicles on field. Moreover this vehicle has to be suitable for testing different track systems of off-road vehicles, testing the soil-wheel interaction and testing the mobility of other vehicles (e.g. military vehicles). The new dynamometer vehicle was developed by the support of the European Union and the Government of the Hungarian Republic in the frame of the National Development Plan.

Gas concentration measuring system based on INNOVA 1312

Ammonia and other gases emission is a great problem at animal husbandry all over the word. There are carbon dioxide, ammonia, hidrogen sulphide, methane for the most part in the animal houses and around storage facilities.

Dryer model

The laboratory dryer device is designed to simulate the drying process of different products. The laboratory dryer device was manufactured by HEVESGÉP Ltd. according to our plans. Different cereals and fibrous materials can be dried with this system by adjusting drying parameters and dryer systems applied in practice.

Laboratory soil canal and measuring cart

The soil canal was developed in the large hall of the Institute already in the 1970’s, in order to study tillage tools in a laboratory environment.

Wind tunnel

The tunnel welded from steel plates to a rectangular cross-section is suited for studying the effects caused by constant air speed to objects placed on the turntable. The constant air speed is provided by an axial-flow fan in the suction wind tunnel, powered by a horizontal shafted, V-belt driven electric motor with a frequency changer for continuous speed regulation.

DyMaTest PMT2003

The device is suitable for performing compression tests with normal sized loading shaft, for measuring constant, linearly increasing and cosinusoidally changing forces, single time or periodically (max. 15 N, max: 200 Hz). The force is generated by a PC-controlled servo-system, the deformation is measured by a laser sensor. Data are recorded by a computer data collection system.

System measuring the respiration rate of horticultural products

During the measurement the respiration rate is determined on the basis of the carbon dioxide production with the help of a so-called opened, circulating respirometer. Placing the sample in a closed vessel, air with constant volume rate flow was circulated through it. By determining the CO2 content and the mass flow of the gas entering and leaving the vessel, the quantity of produced CO2 could be determined.

Computer controlled raining simulator

The raining simulator is capable of measuring soil erosion, determining the water-holding capacity of the soil and the degree of contamination of the water in the soil caused by the agro-chemicals.

Sowing machine reeling benches

The bench is driven by an electric motor, via chain transmission. The gearbox is a three-lever-system and each lever is equipped with more speeds. The output shaft is connected to the seed feeder shaft of the sowing machine. Regarding the ratio, the input speed of the seeding shaft can be controlled, so the output speed of the bench can be adjusted for imitating the different travel speeds (6,0; 8,0; 10,0; 12,0 km/h etc.).

Spider-8 based data acquisition

The Spider8 is a multi-channel PC measurement electronics for parallel, dynamic measurement data acquisition using a computer. With Spider8 everything needed for measurement is accommodated in a compact housing no bigger than a notebook.


CN, CHS, CHNSO+X(halogen) Elemental Analysis of Macro Samples.

Furnace systems L 9/11/SW

This complete system, with an L 9/11 furnace, integrated precision scale, and software, was designed especially for combustion loss determination in the laboratory.

ENVIRO-7000 Continuous emission analyzer

The instrument is able to continuously analyse the flue gases exhausting from burning of solid fluid and gas fuels. The accurate and processed data are to be stored in a connected PC.

IKA C2000 Bomb Calorimeter

The C2000 basic control calorimeter is the latest system from IKA for determining gross calorific values of liquids and solid fuels. A higher level of automation with extremely simple handling characterizes this instrument.

Tractor Dynamometer Type Sigma 5

Standards Used: BS 5304 – Safety of Machinery; EN 60 204: Part 1: 1993 – Safety of Machinery. Electrical Equipment of Machines; EN 50 081: Part 1: 1992 – Electromagnetic Compatibility. Generic Emission Standard; EN 50 082: Part 1: 1992 – Electromagnetic Compatibility. Generic Immunity Standard;

PLU 401/121

The PLU 401/121 is a fuel consumption measurement system with integrated, regulated fuel conditioning, that is used on test benches for engine development, research as well as for quality assurance for static and dynamic measurements.

Veris 3100 soil ec mapping system

The Veris 3100 is a complete soil mapping system that acquires continuously-sensed soil electrical conductivity (EC) data from two soil depths. The complete system includes an implement with six coulter-electrodes and an instrument that creates and processes the signal, as well as logs and downloads the EC data.

Sokkia GSR2600

At the core of the GSR2600 is a high-performance, dual-frequency GPS receiver capable of performing RTK or post-processed surveying. The system features a functional modular design, which allows the flexibility to perform ineither a base or rover setup. You’ll appreciate the reliable centimeter-level accuracies you’ll achieve in RTK mode. And the GSR2600 is compatible with a wide range of data collection packages for your convenience.

ThermaCAM PM 695 infrared camera

The Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering is engaged to infrared thermography since 1982. In that year an AGEMA Thermovision 782 type infrared camera arrived to improve the fleet of the instruments of the Institute. By interfacing with the Digital Image Processing System (DISP) the Thermovision 782 system may be expanded to meet the requirements of most thermal measurement problems. This camera still works up to this day.

Hyperspectral Imaging System

Hyperspectral imaging is a novel technique developed to simultaneously visualise spectral and spatial properties of the sample surface.The imaging system was designed to cover VIS (400-900nm) to near–infrared NIR (900-1700nm) regions of the spectrum for reflectance measurements. The system uses a CCD (VIS) or/and InGaAs (NIR) array camera with an ImSpector (Specim Ltd.) optics system attached.

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